Geolwissenschaftliche Sammlung

The geological collections contain over 60.000 exhibits

The geological collections are divided in three domains, namely paleontology, in which we focus on, mineralogy and petrography. Within these domains are further special collections.

Paleontological collection

Paläontotlogische Sammlung

The paleontological collection contains over 30.000 exhibits and is divided in:

  • petrified wood collection
  • paleobotanical collection
  • stratigraphic-paleozoological collection

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Mineralogical collection

Mineralogische Sammlung Museum für Naturkunde Chemnitz The mineralogical collection contains about 20.000 exhibits and is divided in two:

  • main collection of minerals
  • local and special collection of minerals

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Petrographic collection

Petrographische Sammlung Museum für Naturkunde Chemnitz The petrographic collection consists of more than 5.000 pieces and is divided in four parts:

  • collection of vulcanic rocks
  • local collection of geological formations of Saxony
  • collection of ashlar and decorative stones
  • special collection of petroleum geology

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